Small Claims

Small claim suits may be brought for amounts in controversy not exceeding $10,000.00. Small claims are  one of 3 types:

  1. Money Judgement:- plaintiff asks for past due money (ex. Loans, damages, or to reclaim personal property)
  2. Forcible Entry - plaintiff is asking for back due rent and/or seeking possession of the property
  3. Replevin - plaintiff is asking for property or the money value for the property 

Forms: are available online under forms or at the Court Clerk's Office. 

Filing Fees: must be paid a the time of filing.

Service Fee: the defendant will also need to be served notice of file of a small claim action.  There are 3 choices for that service:

  1.  Sheriff: an additional $50.00 fee payable to the Court Clerk's Office
  2. Private Process Server: you will be responsible for getting the paperwork to the private process server and taking care of their fee with them.  A list of the Logan County Process Servers is available online.
  3. Certified Mail: an additional $10.00 payable to the Court Clerk's Office. The defendant will have to sign for the document to show personal service.