County Clerk

The office of County Clerk was established by the Oklahoma Constitution and is regulated by Oklahoma State Statutes. The County Clerk serves as the County Recorder, Financial Officer and secretary to various boards and commission.  The County Clerk is the official record keeper for the county.

Duties of the County Clerk:

Record and maintain all deeds, mortgages, plats, oil leases, liens and other documents pertaining to land and minerals. Records held by the County Clerk go back to the Land Patents filed after the Land Run.  

Serve as the County Purchasing Agent; processing all purchase orders and payments for the county. 

Serve as the County Payroll Clerk; processing all payroll, retirement and insurance for county employees.  

Serve as secretary and record keeper for the Board of County Commissioners, Excise Board, Equalization Board and Tax Roll Correction Board.

Maintain all financial ledgers for the county.

Records held by the County Clerk are, with limited exception, open to the public.