Road Crossing Permits


A permit for crossing county roads and/or use of county right-of-way is required in Logan County.


The processing and inspection fee is $500 per crossing/per mile. If your line leaves one section and enters another, a permit is required for each section.

Installation without first securing permission shall incur a fee of $5,000 and no future permit shall be issued until all costs, damages and other requirements of these rules and regulations have been met to the satisfaction of the Board of County Commissioners.

Temporary Permits

Temporary Permits are valid for 45 days. The County Commissioners’ office must be notified on the first business day following removal of the temporary line at 405-282-2124.


Please read the form carefully. It is your responsibility to use the proper form and be aware of the requirements and fines that will be assessed for failure to comply with the requirements of each permit.

You must use forms for temporary crossings that are dated RCP 1/2019 or for permanent crossings RCP 4/2023 . You will find this date at the top left corner of the page. Any other form submitted will be rejected.

Fillable PDF forms are available with the links to the left.

Each line must be permitted. If you are laying lines side by side in one procedure, a permit is required for each line.


Permits are to be submitted in quadruplicate (four copies) with an original signature on each copy.

The Board of County Commissioners meet on the first Monday, 15th and last business day of each month.  Permits will be placed on the agenda by the following schedule:

Received no later than the 25th of the month to be considered on the first Monday, or first Tuesday if Monday is a holiday.

Received no later than the 8th of the month to be considered on the 15th, or Friday before if the 15th falls on a weekend.

Received no later than the 22nd of the month to be considered on the last business day.

More Information

If you have questions, please contact the County Commissioner of the District in which you will be working:

  • District Number 1 Mark Sharpton 405-282-3581
  • District Number 2                         405-282-3405
  • District Number 3 Monty Piearcy 405-969-3388