Where Your Tax Money Goes

Each year you receive a tax statement based on the value of your property, but do you know where the money goes?

The table identifies the entities receiving money from a property with a taxable value of $108,785 and a total millage rate of 90.25. The tax on this property for 2017 amounts to $1,080.

Tax Levy Table

Fund ID
Description Fund Type
HS Exempt
Non-Exempt Taxes Due
C001 Logan County
County 16.89000 0.00000 202.12
S0I1 Guthrie ISD
School 56.50000 0.00000 676.14
TGUT Guthrie City
1.49000 0.00000 17.83
VT16 Vo-Tech District 16
Comm-College 15.37000 0.00000 183.93

Distribution of Tax Money

  • Of the $202.12 collected by Logan County, $30.64 is distributed to the County Health Department, $48.94 to the Common Fund for schools and $122.54 to the county for the support of various offices such as county clerk, assessor, treasurer and sheriff.
  • The Guthrie School District receives $676.14. This money is allocated for the general fund, building fund and EMS district.
  • The City of Guthrie receives $17.83 for their sinking fund. A sinking fund sets aside revenue over a period of time to fund a future capital expense or to repay a long-term debt.
  • VO-Tech District 16 receives $183.93 for their general fund and building fund.