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Helpful Tips for Using the Website
To Search for Property Information

  • Click on the red tab which says “Search Records.”

  • When a new window opens, click on “Tabular Search” at the top left of the screen.

  • If you wish to search by account and don’t have the number, call the assessor’s office at 282.3509 and we will provide the information. Use the entire 9 digit account number, beginning with a 4200….prefix.

  • If you search by name, insert the LAST name first, a comma, then the first name, as in “Johnson, Joe.”

  • Too much information can confuse the system, so use as little as necessary.

  • Click the “Search” tab.

  • Under Search Results, the information you requested should load a line of information. Click on that line.

  • Now click on the “Assessment Detail” tab in the lower right corner. A window will appear generating a report. This may take a moment.

  • Place your cursor on the top or bottom of the window to drag and extend viewing capacity. Scroll to view the entire report. You should be able to print this information.

  • If you wish to view the shape and location of the property, click on the “Map Image” tab in the upper left corner. The parcel will highlight.

  • If you wish to view information about surrounding properties, click the small round  “i” icon on the tool bar in the upper left corner, and then click on neighboring parcels on the map.

Need assistance? Call 282.3509 and we will be glad to guide you through the process.

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