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Dear Property Owner,

One form some taxpayers receive each year in regard to their farming operation is Oklahoma Tax Commission state-mandated form 924, "Individual Personal Property."

In 2010, the Ad Valorem Division and the County Assessors Association Forms Committee met to standardize Ad Valorem forms. It was resolved that on Form 924, (Part III), the assessment of Unmanufactured Farm Products as of May 31, is current state law and should remain on the form.

State Statute says "All Unmanufactured Farm Products shall be assessed and valued as of the preceding May 31. We realize you may have only a minimal amount of farm products on hand to report, as of May 31 of each year, but Part III has been left on the form to comply with state law.

Beginning in Jan. 1997, Logan County voted to exempt from Ad Valorem tax, household goods of the heads of families and livestock employed in support of the family. The exemption is limited to livestock owned by individuals or families and is not applicable to livestock owned by business entities. Logan County residents who are not business entities should disregard Part IV of Form 924 (Livestock).

I hope this provides clarification in regard to completing this form. Please feel free to contact us at 405.282.3509 if you have questions. We are always happy to work on your behalf.


Tisha Hampton

Logan County Assessor

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